Friday, September 22, 2023

A New Path

I watched kids walking to the bus stop as I drove by on my way to work.  I got to thinking; those kids do not comprehend their next 40 years of listening to corporate managers and CEOs drone on about maximizing profitability, mission statements and virtue signaling.  

To be young, carefree and innocent again and not bear witness to all that corporate nonsense.  Then I thought, sheesh, this coming May will mark my 40th anniversary graduating from high school.  I can still remember that last year of exuberant excitement to graduate and choose my life’s path.  And leaving high school with no comprehension of the reality that lies ahead.

Much the same way I now feel of leaving the corporate world for a small taste of freedom on this new life path.  More time to learn and explore a more suitable path.  A path less rigidly defined.

However, I will still be working; my new full time career as house husband.  I better start honing my skills as trophy husband, now.


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