Thursday, February 15, 2024

Mistress Day?


Years ago when I worked second shift, coworker Jerry and I would stop by for lunch before our 2:00 shift.  Always a good time.  One such lunch outing we decided to splurge on ribeyes and dined at Jaxx Cafe in NE Minneapolis.  

We sat eating our ribeye and spuds.  When we noticed we were the only peeps dressed in blue jeans and work shirts.  We also noticed all the other tables were couples dressed up in their finest artire, suits and skirts.  

Thats when it hit Jerry.  He laughed and said to me, “do you know what day it is?  Its February 13th, Mistress Day!”  Sheesh, the day before Valentines Day.  I looked around and sure enough, some of the suits were older men while the skirted females were younger.

We laughed and caused a scene.  I then asked Jerry, “who is the mistess in our situation?”

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day and/ or Mistress Day.  🤣

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